About Us

Newsreel Asia is an India-based OTT news platform covering a wide range of issues from democracy and governance to economy and society through docuseries, podcasts and long-form audio and video stories.

We evolved and emerged as a media organisation that is at the intersection of storytelling and reporting after we began to challenge the status quo of journalism.

We believe that journalism, if not done carefully, may allow and facilitate diversionary and divisive tactics of the political, social and business elite to seek their own interests at the cost of people’s wellbeing. We also believe that journalism, if not based on values and bereft of a strong purpose, widens the empathy gap that is behind the deeply divided world we live in.

Our objective, therefore, is to present news from a humanitarian perspective, without the clutter of party politics or the interests of the elite. True to our tagline, “News is best told in stories,” we believe that narrative journalism generates empathetic and conscientious responses to local, national, regional and global affairs.

Affirming our independence from any influence of the elite, we launched Newsreel on the World Press Freedom Day on May 3, 2021.

Email: Admin@Newsreel.Asia

Our Team

Abhishek Yadav

Producer, Researcher

Anupama Chandrasekaran

Editor, Podcasts

Ashish Vijay

Website Designer

Ganesh Rajaraman

Senior Producer

Harshita Rathore

Editor, Video

Tej Bahadur Singh

Assistant Producer

Vishal Arora

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