Why are Universities Under Attack?

Newsreel I October 2021
Video I 26 Minutes
By Asad Ashraf, Tej Bahadur Singh

Prof. Apoorvanand from Delhi University speaks to Newsreel Asia’s Asad Ashraf on the idea of university and why and how universities are under attack in India.


Newsreel I September 2021
Video I 33 Minutes
By Jessica Goel, Richard Kujur

Mohammed Arif, a resident of Khori Gaon village in the northern state of Haryana, awaits the demolition of his house, just as more than 100,000 other area residents do after the Supreme Court of India’s ruling that the village sits 'illegally' on a forest land.

Targeting of Dissenters, Political Opponents in India

Episode 3, ‘Deconstruct’ I September 2021
Podcast I 30 Minutes
By Sayantan Banerjee

Ajoy Ashirwad, The Wire’s political affairs' editor, details a surveillance operation that was uncovered as part of an international collaboration of journalists working on a list of phone numbers that was leaked to them. The Wire traced the spyware's Indian targets, revealing a dismantling of India's privacy laws and even its constitution.

Show Me the Way Home

Newsreel I August 2021
Video I 15 Minutes
By Asad Ashraf, Tej Bahadur Singh

A young Rohingya man, Ali Johar, fled persecution in Myanmar’s Rakhine state and later made his way to India, as he had heard that Indian people and their government were kind-hearted. Did he, and his fellow refugees, experience that kindness?

Lives at Risk

Newsreel I July 2021
Video I 10 Minutes
By Asad Ashraf, Surabhi Singh

Kaazim Ahmad, a 62-year-old man, is stripped and beaten with a blunt object due to his Muslim identity in Noida city near Delhi.
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