Surrogate Mothers and the Pandemic

Episode 6, ‘Positive’ I September 2021
Podcast I 13 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran

Pinky and Meena didn’t imagine that one could conceive a baby without sexual intimacy. Then the financial torment of the pandemic brought them to surrogacy. Dr. Nayana Patel, who runs the hospital where Meena and Pinky enrolled as surrogates, describes the precarious hurdles her hospital faced during the pandemic.

‘D’ for Dowry

Episode 1, ‘Labour of Love’ I August 2021
Video I 10 Minutes
By Abhishek Yadav, Mariya Rajan

Awadh Kishore and Draupadi Kumari, a couple from northern India’s Bundelkhand agricultural region, are not only unable to sustain their family financially but also need to arrange large sums of money for the marriage of their four young daughters.

Deepak Kumar Nehra

Newsreel, June 2021
Video I 12 Minutes
By Abhishek Yadav

Deepak Kumar Nehra, a farmer from the northern Haryana state, is on his way to Delhi to join the farmers’ protest to express solidarity with fellow farmers speaking out against three new farm laws, but he falls off his tractor and dies. He’s one of the many farmers who’ve died while protesting.

The Curious Case of Power Cuts

Newsreel I May 2021
Video I 9 Minutes
By Richard Kujur, Jessica Goel

Despite being a power “surplus” country, India has many parts that experience power cuts. India adds to its generating capacity every year but the effort appears to be futile.
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