Surrogate Mothers and the Pandemic

Episode 6, ‘Positive’ I September 2021
Podcast I 13 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran

Pinky and Meena didn’t imagine that one could conceive a baby without sexual intimacy. Then the financial torment of the pandemic brought them to surrogacy. Dr. Nayana Patel, who runs the hospital where Meena and Pinky enrolled as surrogates, describes the precarious hurdles her hospital faced during the pandemic.

Why Sikkim’s Addicts are Skateboarding

Episode 1, ‘Games of Chance’ I September 2021
Podcast I 21 Minutes
By Sayantan Banerjee

In the hilly city of Gangtok in the eastern state of Sikkim, a local skateboarding group struggles to wriggle free from a rampant culture of drugs among the youth. This episode traces the story of two youngsters’ war against addiction through the support of a skateboarding community.

Targeting of Dissenters, Political Opponents in India

Episode 3, ‘Deconstruct’ I September 2021
Podcast I 30 Minutes
By Sayantan Banerjee

Ajoy Ashirwad, The Wire’s political affairs' editor, details a surveillance operation that was uncovered as part of an international collaboration of journalists working on a list of phone numbers that was leaked to them. The Wire traced the spyware's Indian targets, revealing a dismantling of India's privacy laws and even its constitution.

The Pandemic Rekindles a Search for the Missing

Episode 5, ‘Positive’ I August 2021
Podcast I 11 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran

Menson Aruldas grew up without his mother. The news of deaths surrounding the pandemic has made him pedal harder to find her. He doesn’t want to regret missing an opportunity to reconnect with her.

Rukmini S. on Coronavirus Deaths in India

Episode 2, ‘Deconstruct’ I July 2021
Podcast I 25 Minutes
By Sayantan Banerjee

Data journalist Rukmini S. at Scroll.in unearths facts that signalled a clear spike in deaths due to the coronavirus. A mix of on-the-ground reporting and data analysis tells us what the government didn’t want us to know.

Mridula Chari: Why Many Indians are Still Famished?

Episode 1, ‘Deconstruct’ I July 2021
Podcast I 22 Minutes
By Sayantan Banerjee

Journalist Mridula Chari talks about her recently published long-form essay ‘Famished’, a meticulous documentation of the hungry millions in India in www.fiftytwo.in.

Young Lifeguards Patrol the Corona Ocean

Episode 4, ‘Positive’ I June 2021
Podcast I 11 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran

A youth organisation transforms into a call centre to help Corona patients and their families scrambling for assistance. Anger simmers about government inadequacies.

Next Stop: India’s Villages

Episode 3, ‘Positive’ I June 2021
Podcast I 10 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran

An unexpected death rocks a far flung tribal settlement, previously untouched by the pandemic. Regi George, a doctor running a hospital in this remote region, and his team chalk out a prescription plan for Sittilingi valley in South India.

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

Episode 2, ‘Positive’ I June 2021
Podcast I 13 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran

Behavioural science researcher Anushka Ashok dissects roadblocks to vaccinating the world.

A Son Soaks in Grief

Episode 1, ‘Positive’ I June 2021
Podcast I 9 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran

Sayantan Banerjee, who is only 23 years old, learnt a life lesson as he soaked in the sorrows of others during his mother’s hospitalisation.

Seed Saving Farmers Struggle

Episode 4, ‘Eat Different’ I May 2021
Podcast I 34 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran

Seed saving is an age-old act of conserving varieties and propagating them. Members of this vanishing guild share stories of astounding and resilient varieties of grains and vegetables that are a boon in a climate-changing world.

Foraged Plants and Insects

Episode 3, ‘Eat Different’ I May 2021
Podcast I 33 Minutes
By Anupama Chandrasekaran

Forest dwellers have always known the how, why, when, what and where of foraged foods. Seasonal weeds, medicinal plants, squirmy insects form a part and parcel of their stunning and delicious food platter.
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